Secondary School


Ms. Swapna Nair


I have come to believe in the quote by John Steinbeck that ‘A great teacher is a great artist and that teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.’

When someone asks why anyone would ever become a teacher, it’s worth it to remember that every job has its ups and downs but not every job can change a life.

Being a teacher, being able to guide so many wonderful minds itself is the biggest privilege and then knowing that our words, our actions, our thoughts make a difference to the future of the world makes it all the more special.

Being a teacher at VPMS where every staff member centres their thoughts on shaping the future of tomorrow and giving their best adds sweetness to the work.


To provide an enabling environment in which students will grow to become critical thinkers, acquire a quest for knowledge and a positive attitude towards life and environment.


  • To create a multicultural environment for learning through an integrated curriculum with strong Language, Science, Math, Fine Art, Social Studies and Physical Education components.
  • To develop an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility towards each other, community and earth’s resources.
  • To inculcate a sense of love, sensitivity and empathy for fellow beings and the environment.
  • To equip children with resilience and perseverance to become creative thinkers and learners for life.

Student Speaks

I was really ecstatic on viewing my results. It exceeded my expectations, but at the end of the day, it was a very joyous experience. All the hard work finally paid off, and that was the best part of this journey. And even happier was the experience of seeing my parents swell with pride. The fantastic teachers at VPMS and the conducive environment they created, in spite of the pandemic, was perhaps the biggest catalyst in my achievement. This has given me loads of motivation to work even harder in the years to come.- Srishti Dey (Std. VII)

Parent Speaks

Dr. Vikhe Patil Memorial School and Staff have been very supportive of any small initiative taken by the students and this is what makes us different from other schools. Appreciate your support and guidance as always.


Sr. No Name of the Teacher Subject
1 Ms. Seema Tiwari English
2 Ms. Varsha Sinha English
3 Ms. Charlotte Samson English
4 Ms. Sharmila Kumar English & Social Science
5 Ms. Harshalata Girjapure Marathi
6 Ms. Farhat Kothwal Hindi
7 Mr. Anilprasad Nikam Hindi
8 Ms. Remmya Parthasarathy Science
9 Ms. Deepa Bijukumar Science
10 Ms. Harmeet Raghuvanshi Science
11 Ms. Swapna Nair Maths
12 Ms. Anushri Deshpande Maths
13 Ms. Vinaya Pol Maths & Science
14 Ms. Puja Pandey Maths & Science
15 Ms. Seema Nair Social Science
16 Ms. Snighdha Dey Social Science
17 Ms. Siddhi Shinde French
18 Mr. Deepak Jadhav Fine Arts
19 Ms. Smita Dhandar Computer
20 Ms. Neerja Danve Social Science

Class Teacher

Sr. No Class Teacher Class
1 Ms. Anushri Deshapande VI A
2 Ms. Sharmila Kumar VI B
3 Ms. Deepa Bijukumar VI-C
4 Ms. Puja Pandey VII-A
5 Ms. Sneha Warang VII-B
6 Ms. Farhat Kothwal VII-C
7 Ms. Seema Tiwari VII-A
8 Mr. Anilprasad Nikam VIII-B
9 Ms. Charlotte Samson VIII-C
10 Ms. Vinaya Pol IX-A
11 Ms. Siddhi Shinde IX-B
12 Ms. Remmya Parthsarathy X-A
13 Ms. Seema Nair X-B
14 Ms. Snighdha Dey X-C






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