• I mother of Moksh SR KG Peacock would like to thank the whole team of VPMS for arranging the wonderful annual concert. I thank the teachers, maushies, bus staff, volunteer kids and volunteer parents and everyone who contributed to make this event a success.... The whole VPMS team has put so much efforts for our kids. I appreciate it n I thank you all. I would also like to thank Baldeep mam and our Principal Candice ma’am. The preprimary Annual Concert was very well arranged with melodious songs and beautiful costume and above all making us adults to take a pledge to save our beautiful planet. Thank you so much. Vaibhavi Nighojkar Parent of Moksh Nighojkar, Sr. KG - Peacock

    Vaibhavi Nighojkar Parent of Moksh Nighojkar, Sr. KG - Peacock
  • I am Priyanka Kapoor, mother of Khyati and Shanaya Kapoor. A heartfelt thank you to each of you for making this year's Annual Day Celebration so special for all. All the events was awesome. Kids were doing great job. It was a memorable event. My in laws were so happy. Thank you once again for your effort & Dedication. Priyanka Kapoor Parent of Khyati Kapoor, VII- C & Shanaya Kapoor Sr KG - Dove

    Priyanka Kapoor Parent of Khyati Kapoor, VII- C & Shanaya Kapoor Sr KG - Dove
  • We wish to express our delight and appreciation to you, all the teachers and staff, on the successful execution of Annual Day, 2023-24. The theme of the event, Literary Odyssey, highlighting epics as treasure-house of knowledge and means of transfer of wisdom through generations, was quite apt in today's world which is overwhelmed by digitalization. The efforts but behind by the teachers in training the children and guiding them to give their best was visible in each performance. Congratulation once again Rituraj Bhattacharjee Parent Aashawari Bhattacharjee, VII - C

    Rituraj Bhattacharjee Parent Aashawari Bhattacharjee, VII - C
  • Dear VPMS Team, An extravagant evening presented by VPMS students took our heart away. Confidence, Determination, Dedication and commitment was clearly evident in everyone’s eyes. Commendable job starting from invitation, participating students, their respected teachers and Principal Ma’am, behind the scene’s hero’s like cameraman, editorial team, school captains on their toes, administrative staff for smooth functioning of the facilities… be it security guards, transport department, maushi's  and kaka's and the entire school management. I wish this spirit and momentum stays forever and we keep on enjoying the Annual Day. The WoW factor of today's event was costumes!!!! They were really very eye catchy. Rashmirathi was well executed and well scripted!!! It's second last performance of my kid for this school which really means a lot for us as parents and little emotional too.... Last but not the least, I can vouch on the sacrifice went in organizing this Annual Function. Loud Applause for everyone listed in my message. Keep up the good work! Regards Ruchita Srivastava Parent of Vatsal Srivastava 9 C

    Ruchita Srivastava Parent of Vatsal Srivastava 9 C
  • Dear VPMS Team, Writing you again today with immense regards that today it was great show by the VPMS students. Amazing enthusiasm and passion displayed by the students. As parents we could feel the hard work of many months that the children have put in. Spectacular show overall. We are so grateful and honoured to be a part of VPMS family. We had an absolutely wonderful time watching our kid performance. It was a well-executed and amazingly planned performance. A big round of applause to all the participants and teachers for making this possible. Today's event's highlights was costumes and amazing props!!!! Whether it's dance props or spider or train or flip book and so many things... Yesterday's event's prop was also too good. We can say that whether it's Secondary Annual day or Primary both are amazingly fantastic.. Big round of applause to all the backend team  respected teachers and Principal Ma’am, cameraman, editorial team, school administrative staff, security guards ,all the maushi's and kaka's and the entire school management. We had a fantastic time today and looking forward for many such programmes... Keep up the good work. Regards Ruchita Srivastava Parent of Advik Srivastava 5B

    Ruchita Srivastava Parent of Advik Srivastava 5B
  • I would like to congratulate the Entire VPMS Teachers, staff and all the supporting personnel for all the hard work put in which reflected an excellent show. The Energy Passion and dedication shown by each STUDENT was outstanding. The Theme was Unique, the Costume was Eye catching and execution was PERFECT. OVERALL, Fantastic Show, We as a parents enjoyed it.  Thank you for bringing out some Extra from students. Regards, Chanchal Pandey Parents of Shanaya Pandey, II-C

    Chanchal Pandey Parents of Shanaya Pandey, II-C
  • Very well organized, involving each and every student, enjoyed every moment Parent of Saanvi Murthy, VII- B

    Murthy Parent of Saanvi Murthy, VII- B
  • Program was Well planned and organized. Appreciate efforts and patience of teachers, staff and all others who helped the program succeed. Parent of Arav Pant, VI-C

    Pant Parent of Arav Pant, VI-C
  • Awesome storyline and theme. Very professional set up, dances and costumes. The blend of history and current affairs was very good. Parent of Aditi Walavalkar, X-A

    Walavalkar Parent of Aditi Walavalkar, X-A
  • Very well planned arrangements starting from parking to the seating. Also event duration was perfect. Special mention costume and the quality of very well-choreographed and synchronized performances by all the group. Parent of Maithilee Girish Narkhede, X-A

    Girish Narkhede Parent of Maithilee Girish Narkhede, X-A
  • Splendid performance by all the students. It was a visual spectacle, thoroughly enjoyed watching it! Good job by the team! Parent of Shauryavardhan Panchangam, IX-A

    Panchangam Parent of Shauryavardhan Panchangam, IX-A
  • Respected Ma’am, Annual day of Hridaan was amazing. We enjoyed it very much. It was short and sweet. All thanks to you Shruti Ma’am and Shradha Ma’am, who put so much effort. Hridaan loved it and he keeps on dancing on the same tunes even at home. Thank you once again. Regards, Alpa Damania Patel Parent of Hridaan Patel, Sr. KG Peacock

    Alpa Damania Patel Parent of Hridaan Patel, Sr. KG Peacock
  • Respected Ma’am, A big thank you and heartiest congratulations to all the teachers for making the Secondary Annual Day a PERFECT SHOW. The event was very well organised. Students on stage, with colorful costumes and filled with enthusiasm were looking outstanding. The amount of effort and dedication put in by the teachers was clearly reflected when students were performing on the stage. It was indeed a fabulous show. Thank you once again. Congratulations and best wishes to all the teachers and students of VPMS Lohegaon. Thanks and Regards, Ravindra Ghavale Parent of Anish Ghavale, Std – X A

    Ravindra Ghavale Parent of Anish Ghavale, Std – X A
  • Respected Mam and Complete VPMS Staff, I witnessed the Annual Day Function on 10/12/2022. It was such a wonderful, well organized show. Nice Colors, Amazing sound, pleasant evening. I wish I could appreciate each and everyone in person. Please cascade this appreciation to each and everyone. Thanks, Patil Sachin Parent of Prathmesh Patil, Std. VII B

    Sachin Patil Parent of Prathmesh Patil, Std. VII B
  • Dear Ma'am, I would like to appreciate you and the complete school for all the efforts taken for the annual day function held yesterday. The theme selected to illustrate the significance of school values was really a good idea. I must appreciate all the efforts put in by you, school management, admin department, transport facility etc. to make this event a grand success. Each and every aspect of event was very well organised starting from transport, arranging costumes, making kids ready, doing makeup etc. up to concluding the show on time that too completely in hassle free manner is really incredible. Also, all resources and members required for this event was all from in-house talent and members. This is really amazing to know. We get to know from Credits session that many things were done by class teachers, so hats off to you. And at the end I want to thank you for giving my son the opportunity to be on the stage and making him perform so well. Regards Rashmi, Parent of Abheer Gharpure, Std. I B

    Rashmi Parent of Abheer Gharpure, Std. I B
  • Hello Ma’am, Would like to express our sincere thanks for such a great show and grand event. It was quite evident how much effort and hard work was done on each and every bit of it by teachers and Management right from the costume, make up, sound, the way the children were disciplined and were taken care of. Everything was very well planned, managed and executed. Kudos to you and the entire team Regards, Ranjana Parent of Irika Pancholi, Std. I B

    Ranjana Parent of Irika Pancholi, Std. I B
  • Hello Ma’am, From last 11 years as I remember we have not missed any Annual Functions programme organised by Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Lohegaon. And each year, we returned home overwhelmed and carry back a lot. Proud to be a part of the school. All efforts taken for every minute details. Right from Theme selection, sequence, coordination, organisation and lots of hard work behind all this. Like always this year Theme was also very classy and different.  All children performed well and teachers’ guidance was very well done. Thanks to Vikhe Patil School for the invitation. Yogeeta Mangesh Pawar Parent of Aditi Pawar, Std. VIII B

    Yogeeta Mangesh Pawar Parent of Aditi Pawar, Std. VIII B
  • Dear Ma’am, The annual day was superb and side by side, the performance of Shreenika and her team was excellent and we will never forget the hard work behind the performance which you and your team did. Once again, many thanks and this can't be achievable without your support and coordination. Thanks, Samar Acharya, Parent of Shreenika Acharya, Std. II B

    Samar Acharya Parent of Shreenika Acharya, Std. II B
  • Dear Teacher, Thank you so much for your wonderful support and management:-)  It was a fantastic performance by all of you. Best regards, Sayali Parent of Parinaz Dubaz, Std. V C

    Sayali Parent of Parinaz Dubaz, Std. V C
  • Dear Ma’am, We extend our warm Gratitude to all the Teachers and staff who worked seamlessly to make the annual concert a successful event. It was very well organised. All the kids were outstanding and hats off to the efforts put therein. Thank you!! Regards, Alena Gupta, Parent of Rayansh Gupta, Std. I B

    Alena Gupta Parent of Rayansh Gupta, Std. I B
  • Dear Class Teacher, Entire School Staff and Management I would start with the expression - wow, what a performance yesterday! Yes, I wanted to share words of thanks and congratulate you on the marvelous annual day performance of the primary section. We were spellbound watching the show, yes it was nothing less than a theatrical show, which was superbly planned and executed that left us mesmerized. Choreography, dress and makeup, day's theme, sound, light and screens, all of these brilliantly came together to exhibit the hard effort and practice of students and the staff. I want to also say, my son Shashi Gupta is getting nurtured holistically in your school. I am seeing all the positive changes imparted in the school atmosphere. He is enjoying every day in school. Thank you Sharmila Ma’am. Please also pass my thanks to other teachers, staff and management in maintaining impeccable school environment. Best Regards, Jitendra and Priyanka Gupta, Parents of Shashi Gupta, Std V C

    Jitendra and Priyanka Gupta Parents of Shashi Gupta, Std V C
  • Dear VPMS Team, Secondary Section’s Annual concert was well organized, well executed, well synchronized. The theme was too good, performances were too good, costumes were sooo colourful and all the kids were fantastic in their roles. Whether it's drama or dance or choir or band, all kids performed really very well. A big round of applause for students. All this would not have been possible without proper guidance and training. Hats off to all the teachers and staff for their hard work. Whether it's selection of theme, selection of kids for their role, costume selection, song selection, dance steps or managing kids all were so fantastic and appropriate that it was a pleasure for eyes to watch such a superb concert. Big clap for all the Teachers, Staff, Management and Kids. Good team work!!! All gave their best in their part. Heartiest congratulations for such a successful event Regards, Ruchita Srivastava, Parent of Vatsal Srivastava, Std. VIII A

    Ruchita Srivastava Parent of Vatsal Srivastava, Std. VIII A
  • Dear Ma'am, What a wondrous display, full of entertainment! The evening of 10 th December was filled with nostalgic moments for the audience. As a parent, I can see my daughter humming the tune of the 80s and 90s and she is also well versed now with the names of the renowned actors and actresses’ which children of today do not know. Each and every dance was mesmerizing and made us sing along. Wish we could see them once again! After covid, choosing a lighter and enjoyable topic was a great idea! The most commendable thing about the program was its individuality, each state showcased different and important aspects of their culture or even a famous personality. God bless the entire team and all the best to the future generations! Kudos to VPMS Lohegaon. Regards, Pravin Iyer, Parent of Trisha Iyer, Std. VIII B

    Pravin Iyer Parent of Trisha Iyer, Std. VIII B
  • A big thank you to you all for the efforts you have put in for the benefit of students during these tough times. Although I always cherish my association with the school, however in this crucial time when the world is going through such a crisis, VPMS teachers and staff have left no stone unturned to make sure academics do not suffer even a bit. The teachers are always on their toes to make sure that they deliver their best be it online classes, annual day, motivating students for creative and constructive activities, Saturday interactions and co-curriculars. Teachers made sure that classes turn out to be interesting for students, especially the quiz bee teachers used to conduct, my daughter loved it. My daughter always waits for the classes. Not only did they they complete the syllabus but also took many revisions and made sure each and every child is paying attention in the class. Lessons are planned in such an excellent and interesting way that kids are left with no doubts. No one could have done it better. Kids are following a disciplined schedule and are away from gadgets. Online classes were really a unique and wonderful experience. I know it is a lengthy mail but whatsoever I write is less. HATS OFF TO THE FACILITATORS FOR THEIR HARD WORK AND PATIENCE. "THREE CHEERS FOR VPMS STAFF! HIP HIP HURRAY!" My heartfelt thanks to Principal Madam and the coordinator for arranging online classes during pandemic and making sure that it turns out to be fruitful for the students.

    Mrs. Reena Singh Parent
  • I moved my son to VPMS, Lohegaon couple of years back and will look to do it for my younger son as well maybe next year. I couldn’t have been more than pleased about the shift to VPMS for my elder son. Throughout the year I have seen an extremely professional conduct by school staff on a new medium of teaching which I am sure wasn’t an easy transition. I am sure that there is a lot of hard work and coordination that has gone in background to ensure a smooth transition without letting the teaching bar down. I am also appreciative of the fact that school was sensitive to understand the seriousness of crisis and proactively reduce fees wherever possible which again is not an easy decision to take when the school also has their own set of expenses to meet. Please pass on my Thanks to one and all at VPMS. Keep it up!!

    Mrs. Prajakta Ranade & Mr. Prashant Ranade Parents
  • Please accept my sincere vote of thanks. The entire year was wonderful and full of fun and learning. My daughter enjoyed all her studies, activities and competitions held. The curriculum was so well designed to contribute to the overall personality development of kids In this difficult situation, I totally appreciate the efforts of the team which helped all classes to be conducted seamlessly. Thank you once again to entire Jr.KG team and looking ahead for next year Please pass on my message to the entire team

    Mrs. Samriddhi Patharkar Parent
  • Thank you to the entire team of Jr.KG VPMS Lohegaon for doing such a fantastic job with the online curriculum. I am really happy with the way the videos have been made for explaining the concepts. My child is very much able to understand them and the videos are very interactive. Also, the weekly student teacher interaction sessions are just perfect for kids to virtually interact with their teacher and friends too. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Jr.KG team for their dedication, hard work and determination to give our children the best.

    Mr. Jagdish Patil Parents
  • I really want to appreciate and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, the way you were interacting with students, way of teaching, making learning so interesting and explaining everything was outstanding. The teachers have been extremely motivated in the entire online process as well as they focused on physical growth. The Annual Function was really amazing, all the kids performed beautifully. The overall format of the Exhibition was really impressive. Also, in Annual Sports Day I saw kids were very enthusiastic. Every kid showed a different hidden talent and that too at the age of 9 and 10 and all the credit goes to the school and teachers. Owing to this pandemic I thought my daughter will not perform that well but all thanks to the teachers and school for their efforts. My daughter’s performance throughout this year was amazing. Last but not the least a big thank you to all the teachers.

    Mrs. Priyanka Kapoor and Mr. Snehil Kapoor Parents
  • I just want to say A big thank you to you and all the teachers. This academic year was very challenging for students and teachers as well. But the management and teachers’ efforts made it very easy for children. It was a great experience for all of us. Please convey my message to all teachers that we as parents are very happy with your online teaching. Thank you...thank you very much......

    Mrs. Priya Deokar Parent
  • My son was student in class VIII A during academic year 2020-21. During the pandemic situation, though it was tough to keep students engaged, teach them to interpret better, do the assessment and keep parents posted on their ward's progress but I found all sincere efforts taken by the class teacher and all other teachers. Also, the School Management tried by all means to keep students on track, as good as its offline teaching. I would like to appreciate all your efforts and say thanks to all of you.

    Mr. Satish Kadam Parent
  • I wish to take this opportunity to thank all my kid's teachers who all have gone through the pandemic hard times holding the forte to teach kids adopting new models, tools and approaches.They are exceptionally good, based on their presentations and sharing articles, I truly appreciate their knowledge. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all these teachers of 9th and 8th standards. I want to call out especially 8th standard class teacher who has been soft, patient and guiding my child as many times as we interacted with him. In the end, thanks to the school who has taken various initiatives to enable and equip the teachers to continue to take classes, keep the momentum flowing without interrupting and compromising their education. Thank you once again.

    Mr. and Mrs. Babu Mazumder Parent
  • It was a great day for Hiya and as a parent I feel very proud of what she was able to accomplish. All this would not have been possible without the guidance the esteemed faculty of VPMS, Lohegaon, have consistently shown from last many years. I still recollect the day when Hiya joined this institution almost a decade back and today I humbly admit that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever taken. This journey with VPMS has not only been very exciting, but also full of learning that Hiya will carry all through her life. I sincerely believe that school has groomed her to the point that she can take on the upcoming challenges with confidence and grace. I am also very pleased with the way school has conducted itself during the pandemic. The online classes and teaching experience were literally flawless. I really appreciate the credible efforts that the faculty puts in everyday to ensure the holistic development of the students. This will eventually transform the life of students for good.

    ​ Mr. Ashwani Bhat Parent
  • On this momentous occasion, I wish to express my gratitude to the school, and the entire teaching staff for their phenomenal support and guidance through the five years Rishit has been at VPMS. It has been an emotionally fulfilling journey, from the time we shifted to Pune and admitted Rishit into the school, to this day when he has accomplished success. Through all the years, not only has the school been instrumental in being his guiding light, but what impressed us the most was the way his personality went through an all-round development- his extra-curricular achievements as well as the values imbibed in him. Perhaps, the greatest catalysts in this journey have been the teachers themselves. The way they have taught was fulfilling in itself, but the kind of mentoring they have provided to him beyond the school hours was the icing on top. Rishit always used to tell us that not only the teachers who taught him, but every teacher, right from the pre-primary level up to the secondary level, was equally supportive and helpful to him throughout the years. Not enough can be said about the contribution of teachers, and we shall always remain indebted for the same. We hope he continues with the same level of passion and determination in the future as well.” Congratulations to the school and the management for their continued success and all the best for all future endeavours!

    Mrs. Rashmi Kesharwani & Mr. Subhash Kesharwani

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