Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary School

Ms. Anjali Naik


The Senior Secondary section of VPMS Pune comprises the Science and Commerce divisions of classes XI and XII. Each year we enrol a variety of students who possess myriad talents and abilities.
The students of the Senior Secondary Section being the senior most among all the students in the school, carry the responsibility of setting a good example to the juniors. The academic pressures for the students of this section are also extremely onerous. Despite this, the students participate with enthusiasm in all the activities that are organized for them. As members of the Core Prefectorial Team, they carry the mantle of leadership with pride and keep the school flag flying high. The students are eager to prove their mettle and shoulder the responsibilities entrusted to them.. Exposure to different experiences and new subjects provide them with valuable inputs for them to decide on their future course of action. They learn the values of hard work, integrity, perseverance and to have the courage of their convictions. Their willingness to explore new avenues enables them to attain their potential and derive a sense of satisfaction with their efforts.


To discover the hidden potential in each student.


  • To encourage lateral thinking.
  • To train students for their future careers.
  • To ensure that every student is confident to face the challenges ahead.
  • To create strong independent articulate individuals who are aware of their rights and responsibilities.
  • To enable students to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

Student Speaks

“I have been preparing from Std IX to fetch more than 90% in the board exam to get admission in VPMS, Pune.” Another student says, “As a newcomer to VPMS in 11th, I was extremely apprehensive of coping in a new school. It took me no time to connect with the new environment which speaks heaps about how warm, welcoming and approachable the teachers are. In spite of classes being held online and missing the school vibe, it feels great to have nicely settled as a Vikheite. Now, it has been over a year into my prolific journey at this buzzing and lively place. With so many events planned throughout the year, VPMS has given me a plethora of opportunities to groom my skill set.”

Parent Speaks

“I would like to thank the faculty members of VPMS for going the extra mile to make the students of the school comfortable during this pandemic. In spite of school sessions being conducted online, my daughter has never felt the vacuum of off line classes and hence the credit entirely goes to the highly efficient faculty members , the back end staff and the leader – The Principal of the school.

The queries raised by the parents are also very well addressed by the faculty members and we as parents are very satisfied by the approach. I once again thank you all for the same.”


S.No. Name Subject
1 Mr. Umashankar D English
2 Ms. Bharti Kudchadker English
3 Ms. Bindu Unnikrishnan Physics
4 Mr. Santosh Ranpise Chemistry
5 Ms. Shubhangi Bapat Biology
6 Ms. Alpana Saxena Informatics Practices
7 Ms. Susmita Cholkar Informatics Practices
8 Ms. Divya Lakhani Accountancy
9 Ms. Jayshri Verma Economics
10 Ms. Anjali Naik B.St
11 Ms. Jayshri Verma B.St
12 Ms. Monika Mishra Geography


Srno Name Class
1 Ms. Bindu Unnikrishnan XI-A
2 Ms. Jayshri Verma XI-B
3 Ms. Bharati Kudchadker XII-A
4 Ms. Alpana Saxena XII-B

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