Transfer Certificate

Student TC – Std X – A 2022-23

R.NoGRNo.Student NameTC
1396Aaditya WankhadeCLICK TO VIEW
2450Aahan MazumderCLICK TO VIEW
3405Aarush AgarwalCLICK TO VIEW
4389Abhinav KulkarniCLICK TO VIEW
5442Anaya IngleCLICK TO VIEW
6879Anish GhavaleCLICK TO VIEW
71580Arnav DhabadeCLICK TO VIEW
8404Arnavi RaoCLICK TO VIEW
9882Atharva MoteCLICK TO VIEW
10573Atharva ShendgeCLICK TO VIEW
111172Ekalavya SinghCLICK TO VIEW
12884Gandhita MahabaleCLICK TO VIEW
13387Harshit GuptaCLICK TO VIEW
14424Janhavi NikamCLICK TO VIEW
15569Laalasanamya MenduCLICK TO VIEW
16579Mankirat KaurCLICK TO VIEW
17407Mohit ChoudharyCLICK TO VIEW
18885Nidhi SharmaCLICK TO VIEW
19454Ninad ChavanCLICK TO VIEW
20392Omkar RananawareCLICK TO VIEW
21412Parth PalaskarCLICK TO VIEW
22377Prachi ChatterjeeCLICK TO VIEW
231317Rajaswi AdhagaleCLICK TO VIEW
24487Rishib MoreCLICK TO VIEW
25376Roshya Ann AjuCLICK TO VIEW
261578Sampada KatageriCLICK TO VIEW
27910Shambhavi MishraCLICK TO VIEW
281171Shriyan NingotCLICK TO VIEW
29880Siddhesh KadamCLICK TO VIEW
30455Siddhesh ThanageCLICK TO VIEW
31439Soham SawantCLICK TO VIEW
321581Sreyashi DasCLICK TO VIEW
33881Sumedh NagrasCLICK TO VIEW
34491Ved BaisCLICK TO VIEW
35385Vedang BidwaiCLICK TO VIEW
36449Vivaan DoshiCLICK TO VIEW

STUDENT TC STD X – B 2022-23

R.NoGRNo.Student NameTC
1456Aarav VyawahareCLICK TO VIEW
21319Aarush KallaCLICK TO VIEW
3886Aarush ShuklaCLICK TO VIEW
4429Aditya ChouguleCLICK TO VIEW
51330Aditya KambleCLICK TO VIEW
6914Akhila PoduvalCLICK TO VIEW
7398Anuja DaveCLICK TO VIEW
8403Apurva PawarCLICK TO VIEW
9436Arjun PatilCLICK TO VIEW
10571Arya BordeCLICK TO VIEW
111157Arya PulateCLICK TO VIEW
12581Dev GandheCLICK TO VIEW
13732Devang PatelCLICK TO VIEW
14390Devansh PalCLICK TO VIEW
15887Eshwari PukaleCLICK TO VIEW
16379Gauri HulleCLICK TO VIEW
171583Gaurika AroraCLICK TO VIEW
18433Harsh KolheCLICK TO VIEW
191338Ishaan SinghCLICK TO VIEW
20486Malav PatilCLICK TO VIEW
21427Meet AgarwalCLICK TO VIEW
221167Mihika BabhulkarCLICK TO VIEW
23577Mitali UjalambkarCLICK TO VIEW
24440Mrigank VermaCLICK TO VIEW
251582Naren InamdarCLICK TO VIEW
26574Pourushaspa DubashCLICK TO VIEW
27411Pranavsiddharth NattalamCLICK TO VIEW
28730Pratham MishraCLICK TO VIEW
29384Rudra AmateCLICK TO VIEW
30414Shahu RaneCLICK TO VIEW
31413Shlok PrajapatiCLICK TO VIEW
321579Shravani MoharilCLICK TO VIEW
331156Shreya WaghmareCLICK TO VIEW
34572Shubhay SethCLICK TO VIEW
35578Swarup GodseCLICK TO VIEW
36378Swati GayatriCLICK TO VIEW
37383Tanmay AeronCLICK TO VIEW
38421Vanshi KadvaniCLICK TO VIEW

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